Just a VFX update

I recently finished a slew of background VFX related to exterior visuals. Check out this video. In a nutshell, the appearance of a city outside the windows is important to the plot, and was thus needed to complete the film.

The complexity of the effect varied from shot to shot, with such variables including camera movement or accidental shake (a pan shot changes the perspective of objects in the background whereas a tracking shot does not), rack focusing, the subject passing between the camera/window and the blinds opening or closing. This was all done without physical on-set tracking markers. That’s why it took me four months.

I’ll blog in the future about these variables with some video examples. I BET YOU CAN’T WAIT.

NOW I get to start on other, minor effect shots — 317 effect shots to be exact. These ones shouldn’t be too difficult, as they involve small-scale changes such as removing the reflection on a TV screen, changing a sign on a wall, and so on (see the image example above).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — without gloating too much — the film looks incredible!


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