Sound mixing almost complete

First update of 2017: I am almost complete the sound mix. Over the past several months I have been fine-tuning the film’s sound — removing noise and annoying blips, etc.

I’ve cleaned up the dialogue and normalized the audio.

I’m going to be mastering my stems (Dialogue, Music, Effects) by the end of the month. The most arduous aspect of this stage is listening to the entire soundtrack on different sound systems, taking notes and making further adjustments, to ensure good audio across the board (ie: surround sound theatre, home living room, headphones).

I’ve also been poking around with the music. I borrowed a bass from my pal Justin Greig (who plays the “cop”).

Below is a sample of some mixed dialogue. The first 50 seconds is unmixed, original dialogue clips. The latter 50 seconds is properly mixed with foley/room-tone added.

Audio © 2017.

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