Jon Berrie


Born and raised in Toronto, Jon Berrie is a multifaceted artist.  He is an actor, painter and singer-songwriter.  He studied acting at Ryerson Theatre School and has been involved in number of independent productions.  His most recent role as Detective John in Lenin M. Sivam’s feature, “A Gun and a Ring”, landed him the Emerald Award for best actor at the 2013 Beverly Hills Cinerockom Film Festival. Jon is thrilled and grateful to be playing the role of Reese in Andrew Dunlop’s upcoming film, “How to Get Away With It”.


John Cianciolo


John is a Toronto-based actor who has taken a side step from his corporate IT job to immerse himself into the world of acting. Listening to that inner voice that drives passion and knowing that the sum of happiness is derived from more than the corporate job, his pursuit has enabled him to appear in TV, Short Films, Web Series, PSAs, Feature Films and Music Videos. In the arts, as with the corporate world, the adage that hard work is the path to success holds true and continues fuel his pursuit as both study and play with iron clad focus and determination.


Kerry Prunskus


I’ve always had a love for the performing arts. Drama classes in high school were especially influential in helping me overcome some pretty significant shyness growing up. I’ve gone from being afraid of people to being curiously drawn to them. Now I communicate with people on a daily basis, working in radio/tv broadcasting in Toronto. I still keep a pinky toe in the acting pool, taking on the occasional role in indie projects – including this clever and absurdly comical film. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!


Julia Heximer


Julia Heximer is ecstatic to be involved in this production, her debut performance in a film! She is a multidisciplinary theatre artist: An actor, writer, musician, designer and occasional director. Her most recent work was a walk-on role as a Civic Worker created for Julia by George F. Walker in the debut production of one of his newest plays, ‘The Ravine’, for which she worked as an Assistant Stage Manager and general intern. While studying at Glendon College, York University, Julia performed a number of roles, ranging from a trick-turning singer in “Move(me)ant: An Adaptation of Marat/Sade” to Judith Thompson’s Pony in “White Biting Dog”. Currently Julia is working towards publishing and producing her first play, “#FirstWorldProblems”.


Shane Campbell


Read biography in next section.


Justin Greig


Justin is a seasoned musician and has never appeared in a film before. He is a long-time friend of Director Andrew Dunlop and was happy to lend his talent to the production.


Andrew Dunlop


Ever since I first put my hands on a video camera 20 years ago I’ve known exactly what I wanted to do in life: tell stories through filmmaking. But not just any stories; the most provocative and engaging stories possible. It didn’t take long to find like-minded people; by the time i was in high school I was scripting and shooting shorts about serial killers, aliens and zombies. After a few years in my early 20s playing in punk bands, I’ve decided to return to filmmaking and have spent the past 6 years amassing an arsenal of feature film ideas, stories, treatments, screenplays and storyboards.

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Laura Grande


Laura Grande is a Toronto-based magazine editor. She has a passion for film that dates back to the first time she saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” as a six-year-old and she thinks Marlon Brando’s acting career is the cat’s pyjamas. She dived head-first into her role as AD on Andrew Dunlop’s directorial debut “How To Get Away With It” and hopes there will be more freelance opportunities for her to work on film sets in the future. Whether it’s through writing, filmmaking or social media, Laura’s main goal is to tell great stories—and to tell them well.

Sean Marjoram


Sean is an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographer’s. See more of his work and full length bio at


Jennifer Ouellette


Jennifer works in the PR industry, and in her spare time enjoys creative writing. She has had short stories published in several literary magazines and hopes to one day publish a novel. Jennifer stumbled into her role with this film by virtue of being the wife of the director, Andrew Dunlop and is proud to help support his directorial debut.


Danielle Peckitt


Danielle is quickly learning to become a pro at shooting and capturing images for film. She currently works as a digital ad traffic manager.


Shane Campbell


Shane is an independent filmmaker and musician. His band, The Youseditbrothers is quickly gaining momentum on the Toronto scene. Shane is also an expert in sound recording and engineering.


Nicole Stredder


Nicole is a freelance independent makeup artist whose portfolio includes work on independent films and commercials. She specializes in general makeup application and special makeup effects (such as prosthetics and creature effects).


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